You follow your dream

I follow my heart

Good heart like mine
Never mind reading 
Beautiful mind like yours!

You hide your secret
I hide my wish

Good heart like mine
Never dare reading 
Colorful eyes like yours!

An insight to your heart
Like a moment of steal!

Good heart like mine
Beautiful mind like yours
Needs a secret pray 
for fairytale beginning!

Its Time

Its time
Not to fly anywhere nor with anyone!

Its time
Not to sink everywhere nor with someone!

Since none of us is ready to define “someone”!

Its time

To change the end of a story!

A story of real man & real woman
Oh no!
Wasn’t it a dreamy woman?

A Small Ring

A small ring

Very small,

Around me

Breaking the silence of our night!


A small ring

Very small

Challenging us  &filling our morning with love!

A small ring

Smaller & smaller

Reminding us

That we are still on earth!


Translated from Schoneit des Herzens


You desired a single day
Single thought
Single heart
Now collect your single pieces!

You wished to own a body
To own a soul
To own a heart again!
Now own them pieces by pieces!

Beyond a perfect single day
Nothing is wrong
Nothing is worse
Than your single heart not existing!

By the way,
I didn’t hear back from you!
Until last night,
I heard a ghost might have come!
How bad your single day turned?
How far your single thoughts gone?

Remember the next time
Rather you than me
Are not pieces of collection!

Just desire
Single of me plus single of you!!


Maybe the night is mine;
That’s why I’m your moon!
Maybe the morning is yours;
That’s why you’re my sun!
Maybe I’m not the night silence! 
Maybe you’re not the morning whisper!
That’s why we are a cloud!!